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is just one of over 50 different towns and cities Greenpath Medicinal Health Centre is proud to serve.

Dr. Rohloff

Dr. Jacqueline Rohloff specializes in the use of medical grade cannabis to effectively treat a wide range of medical conditions for patients in and around the province.

Today, thanks to virtual visits, you can see Dr. Rohloff from the comfort and security of your own home. There are no out of pocket costs for your appointment. We’ll even help you select and order the medical cannabis products you need.

Cannabis Care

The secret is a natural compound called cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is an effective pain killer, sedative and anti-inflammatory that does not get you high. Try CBD if your regular meds aren’t working or have uncomfortable side-effects. Learn more about CBD here.

We also prescribe cannabis products with variable amounts of both CBD and THC. These are especially useful in the treatment of conditions with both physical and psychological symptoms.

’s Best Medical Cannabis Health Care

  • You never have to leave the comfort and security of your home.
  • You receive professional care with consideration of both your current needs and medical history.
  • You also receive help connecting with the products and providers you need.

Getting Started

Simply visit our easy to use secure virtual appointments page to learn more and get started. We’ll be with you every step of the way.